Frequently Asked Questions

We have some good news to report. In order to ensure the continuity of the Prometheus Retreat, recently we incorporated the event under the name Prometheus Consortium, Inc. and have filed for charitable status under the Internal Revenue Code. Keeping with the Prometheus philosophy, we designed a streamlined governance structure and crafted modernized bylaws.

Using the same low cost, high value model that the Prometheus Retreat has engaged for years, should there be interest on the part of the association community, we are now positioned to organize other events and activities for senior association professionals that promote effective practices, peer consultation, collaborative problem-solving and the exploration of emerging issues in association management.

Being incorporated also allows us to put in place appropriate financial and administrative policies and practices to help ensure that Prometheus is as stable and successful for the long-term future as it has been in the past. The goal is to preserve the special experience that 15 generations of Prometheans have all found so valuable.