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Prometheus Retreat

May 6-8, 2020
Hotel Contessa
306 W. Market Street (on the Riverwalk)
San Antonio, TX

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Prometheus, a Titan of Greek mythology whose name means forethought, was constantly thinking with foresight. He was incessant in his commitment to think of the future and to ready all for what might happen tomorrow, next week, next year, a decade into the future and beyond. Prometheus believed in people and the transformative power of energy. He had an unwavering commitment to better the community and the capacity for daily renewal. Like Prometheus, today's successful association leaders lead with foresight, harness the energy of their respective communities to power their organizations in the exploration of new paradigms and continually renew themselves and their organizations to meet the needs of tomorrow and beyond..

The Prometheus Retreat is limited to just 35 senior level association professionals, including consultants and association management company executives.

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Contact Us: 240-396-0070 (Next Wave Group office) | admin@prometheusretreat.org

Offering 12 CAE credits.

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