Ignite your passion. Awaken your insight. Renew your spirit.

Prometheus Retreat

May 6-8, 2020
Hotel Contessa
306 W. Market Street (on the Riverwalk)
San Antonio, TX

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The mythological Greek Titan Prometheus, champion of human-kind, brought fire and light to the world. Like Prometheus, we believe it is our responsibility as association leaders to bring passion and insight to our organizations. To achieve this we come together to renew ourselves, recognize our gifts, and develop the courage to bring them to the association world. Join us.

Discuss, learn and discover alongside your peers at the most unique educational experience available to association professionals. All questions, answers and comments are shared in a confidential setting with peers who have faced or are facing the same Big Questions.

The Prometheus Retreat is limited to just 36 senior level association professionals, including consultants and association management company executives.

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Contact Us: 240-396-0070 (Next Wave Group office) | admin@prometheusretreat.org

Offering 12 CAE credits.

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