About Prometheus Consortium

The Prometheus Consortium is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2015 by long-time attendees at the Prometheus Retreat. The Prometheus Consortium promotes effective association management practices, provides opportunities for peer consultation and problem-solving. Discussions are open, candid and confidential.

The mythological Greek Titan Prometheus, champion of human-kind, brought fire and light to the world. The Consortium’s work is based on the belief that is the responsibility of association leaders to bring passion and insight to our organizations. To achieve this, Prometheans come together to renew ourselves, recognize our gifts, and develop the courage to bring them to the association world.

The Prometheus Consortium runs two programs, the annual Prometheus Retreat and monthly First Tuesday lunchtime meetings.

The Retreat was launched by ASAE in 2000 and operated independently from 2007-2015. Since 2015, it has operated under the auspices of the Prometheus Consortium. The Prometheus Retreat brings senior association professionals together to share their collective expertise and enrich their leadership practice through a personalized, unique and valuable network. Retreats have been held at locations throughout the United States. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event was canceled and the 2021 event was held virtually. The 2022 and 2023 retreats were successfully held live as will be future retreats. There is a registration fee for the Retreat to cover the associated expenses. The Prometheus Retreat is limited to just 36 senior level association professionals, including consultants and association management company executives. 

Currently the lunchtime First Tuesday meetings are offered only virtually, but after COVID-19, meetings will resume in-person in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL. There is no charge to participate in First Tuesday.