Marty Saggese, Society for Neuroscience
Personally, I find Prometheus to be the single most useful workshop or professional experience I attend each year. I always come away with multiple valuable 'nuggets' or ideas that I wouldn't have gotten any other way.

Virgil Carter, CAE, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Retired)
Chief staff officers, senior staff executives, and those allied with them in the association management world will find Prometheus to provide a great setting for discussions and sharing. Each year, attendees bring their own set of issues, ranging from key (sometimes challenging) association trends, to personal career situations to important life concerns. Prometheus is a place where every attendee finds something useful for their individual situation. Sounds weird, I know, but I've seen it happen each of the four years I've attended.

Donna Dunn, CAE; Senior Consultant, Tecker International, LCC
My one can't-miss event is the Prometheus Retreat. Every year I participate I find my passion for my profession renewed, my stress level lowered, and my engagement in the human side of association leadership supported. Designed for senior association executives, the Prometheus Retreat allows each person to learn about what is important to him or her at that moment in time. The participants create the program and provide the learning opportunities through Open Space Technology. We pose weighty, big questions - the questions with the challenging answers, the answers we don't want to hear, and the questions with no answers at all - in an environment where everything is open yet confidential. Each year I am amazed with the breadth of experience that other participants are willing to share and the critical conversations they engage in.

Larry Cummings, Central NY School Boards Association
My Prometheus experience in Sedona, AZ years ago remains one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile professional experiences I have had. I look forward to participating in another one of these days.

Karen Conlon, CA Association of Community Managers (CACM)
This retreat offers me the opportunity to creatively connect with my peers. Its format is innovative, vibrant and inspires me like no other CEO program.

Bruce Butterfield, CAE, APR, Forbes Group
I make my meeting selections carefully since the costs come out of my own pocket. Prometheus is an easy decision. It's the best association executives' meeting, period. The experience is personally and professionally rich and always enlightening. You're guaranteed to go away with new insights, new friends and a feeling of refreshment of mind and spirit. Don't miss it.

Diane James, CAE, Women in Transportation Foundation
I can recall having numerous conversations with association CEOs trying to figure out if this would be a good investment of their professional development dollars, which grow scarcer by the day. Here's what I personally experienced: It's like being able to sit with some of the brightest people in our business for the world's longest coffee break and have an intimate conversation about the challenges of our profession that can't really be addressed in conventional classroom presentations or those 15 minutes between sessions juggling cookies and beverages at a large meeting.

Prometheus asks participants to take the risk that there is no list of classes and speakers and no exhibits or sales and replace it with self-directed discussions that have historically been about those areas of common cause, common heartburn and common challenges.

John Ross, Appraisal Institute
I came away enriched by the experience of discussing the issues and challenges of being an association CEO in these interesting times!

Bob Kucheran, British Columbia Pharmacy Association (Retired)
But then we met. I didn't know anyone at the time, but it was apparent that I was among colleagues and not only that but colleagues who had dealt with or were dealing with issues similar to what I was going through. And it just kept getting better for me as the retreat continued. As skeptical as I was that the initial agenda-setting chaos would produce any benefit whatsoever, I ended our meetings absolutely amazed by the scope and depth of the information that I was exposed to. I came away with more goodies from Prometheus than I can recall from all other similar sessions that I have attended in total.

Chris Giordano, CAE
Coming out of Prometheus I have been re-energized year after year and have returned in a much better frame of mind. Being in an environment where people talked openly, offered up their concerns and shared their thoughts made me realize that issues I was concerned about were not unique.

Jackie Eder-Van Hook, MSOD,Transition Management Consulting, Inc
I have been looking for a group of association professionals like those who attend the Prometheus retreat who are willing to discuss the important issues in associations today and value personal learning. The small size of the group creates an intimate networking opportunity that greatly appeals to me.

Roger Wentz, CAE, American Traffic Safety Systems Association
As CEOs we have many issues that we can't "just discuss" with staff....Prometheus is an opportunity to do that in a non-threatening setting...everything from staffing to strategic issues, and even the personal ones (like WHY did I ever become an association exec?). This will be the best professional development dollars you've invest in a long time.

Meg Tully, IECA
What a pleasure it was attending the retreat. I continue to find strength and courage to do and say what I feel is right during this time of change for our associations.

Vinay Kumar, Vinay Kumar Associates
Over the years I have participated in countless association events and I can honestly say that PRL is a very unique worthwhile experience, and I certainly plan to attend again. I found it to be authentic, enriching, thought provoking, refreshing, insightful, to give just a few words to the experience. If you're one who hasn't yet attended a Prometheus Retreat, well, let me say you have no idea what you're missing out on. Believe me, I been where you are and I had no idea either. Now that I have attended, I kick myself wondering why I didn't go sooner. Once you attend, you'll never be the same again. Talk about a life changing experience.

Jane LaBarbera, CAE, Association of American Law Schools
Prometheus was, as always, a most invigorating experience. The environment is one where you quickly build trust and develop strong bonds with the other association execs who are there. I have come back relaxed, invigorated and comforted that I have met people who are an ongoing source of support. I always am amazed at the quality of participants. They are well read with a great deal of experience, who challenge the way things are always done. Prometheus allows you time to reflect on what you do and where you are going in an environment of support from your colleagues. It allows me time to stop, think, share ideas, hear of innovations, hear different perspectives, learn of the latest developments in the association world. Prometheus offers me a quick filter to find the best out of the magazines, electronic communications, books, programs, services offered to associations.

Kathleen McHugh, CAE, American Specialty Toy Retailing Association
Several years ago, I attended my first Prometheus in Keystone, Colorado. Admittedly, two things attracted me to the meeting: location and format. The idea of attending a retreat in the mountains was very appealing but what clinched it for me was that it was intimate and self-directed. As an association leader, it's difficult to find people who understand what you do for a living let alone colleagues who you can turn to for advice and support. Spending time in small groups with talented execs from around the country is an exceptional experience-there is nothing similar anywhere.

Prometheus gave me a network of colleagues who I can easily contact for any advice or the expertise I may need. Seats are limited so if you ever thought of attending a retreat to focus on your needs as an association exec this is the place to be.

Pat Troy, CAE, Next Wave Group, LLC
This is an incredibly valuable event. For years before I finally made the decision to attend, I considered it, but always had excuses -- too busy, too far, etc. But now, I wouldn't miss it! We all need perspective to do our jobs properly, and Prometheus is great for getting input from colleagues for the real challenges that keep us up at night.

Lori Russell, CAE, Parks and Prairies Association
The Prometheus Retreat offered more to me professionally and personally than I would have ever expected. I offer you all my utmost thanks. You may not leave a Prometheus Leadership Retreat with all of the answers, but you leave with more insight. This event has succinctly captured and extended that coffee break conversation with your peers that you never wanted to end.

Lew Gedansky, CAE, Project Management Institute
The Promethean Leadership Retreat clearly more than fulfilled my expectations of the event - building potentially enduring professional and personal relationships, gathering nuggets of wisdom, new ideas and new sources of relevant knowledge, being able to share knowledge and off-the-cuff ideas, ... and doing it all in such a wonderful setting. It clearly was a unique opportunity to grow and to renew.

Mark Anderson, CAE, American Society for the Surgery of the Hand
Prometheus epitomizes the way professionals learn best - in small group conversations with peers who have similar work and experience backgrounds. We learn from one another and teach one another. It's where I get my best answers to my most troubling questions.