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Nathan Monell, CAE
Executive Director
National PTA

Now more than ever, association executives are called to live out their work with authenticity and clarity of purpose. I don’t know about you, but my big questions are rarely addressed in the typical workshop. Prometheus has given me the space to grow through stating my challenges and opportunities in a safe space and to learn from my fellow executives. It also allows me to contribute to the field by sharing what I have learned. No drama, no big investments. Just show up as you are and learn together in community.


Norman L. Fortenberry, Sc.D.
Executive Director
American Society for Engineering Education

The Prometheus Retreat is one of the two professional development activities that I attend each year. It is unique in being a confidential venue to receive candid and well-informed feedback from trusted peers on the most pressing challenges facing association executives. The advice, guidance, and collegiality are incredibly valuable and not provided in any other forum.


Susan Avery, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD)

When I first received an invitation to attend Prometheus, it was current and past attendees of the retreat that I found most appealing. The list included really incredible thought leaders in the association community. When I arrived and realized that we would develop our own agenda and topics, I was thrilled. I had big questions on my mind and was looking for the right space and people to discuss them with. Prometheus delivered. Exactly the right people were there and the right questions were asked and I couldn’t wait for more! So, I went back again and again. It is by far one of my favorite learning spaces and I look forward to it each year. 


Mark Levin, CAE
CSP Executive Vice President
Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute

The Prometheus Retreat is usually the highlight of my year, as far as interacting with my peers and having practical, honest discussions about what we do for a living. It's actually more than just relationship building and idea-sharing. Prometheus has built a culture around these retreats that encourages openness, vulnerability, creativity, and appreciation for how many thoughtful and talented people there are in our field. There's no other event for association executives like this one. 


Vani Ungapen, CAE
Executive Director
American Association of Law Libraries

As a first time Executive Director, I needed a network of Association professionals to share and brainstorm ideas with. I started attending the First Tuesdays in person in Chicago and then virtually during the pandemic. This year I made the decision to attend the Prometheus Retreat for the first time and I am so happy that I did. As an attendee, having the ability to set the agenda/topics for the two days of discussion was invaluable. The retreat made me see that as Association Executives we are all juggling the same issues no matter what industry our Associations are in. I enjoyed the discussions throughout the retreat. I also enjoyed meeting Association Executives with different experiences, and I plan to attend the Prometheus Retreat again.


Donna Dunn, CAE
Senior Consultant
Tecker International, LCC

My one can't-miss event is the Prometheus Retreat. Every year I participate I find my passion for my profession renewed, my stress level lowered, and my engagement in the human side of association leadership supported. Designed for senior association executives, the Prometheus Retreat allows each person to learn about what is important to him or her at that moment in time. The participants create the program and provide the learning opportunities through Open Space Technology. We pose weighty, big questions - the questions with the challenging answers, the answers we don't want to hear, and the questions with no answers at all - in an environment where everything is open yet confidential. Each year I am amazed with the breadth of experience that other participants are willing to share and the critical conversations they engage in.


Mona Buckley, MPA, CAE
President & CEO
Government Employees’ Benefit Association
& GEBA Wealth Management

I had heard about the Prometheus Retreat and planned to attend pre-COVID. In the absence of much ASAE content for advanced association leaders/practitioners, this event filled that void. Peer dialogue and advice (without speakers) is exactly what long-time leaders seek. This delivered. Thanks!


Jane LaBarbera, CAE
JML Associates

From my first meeting, I was impressed with the sharp intelligence and critical thinking from the association executives who attended the Prometheus Retreat. For some reason the Retreat program results in a self-selection of those who want to share and learn from their peers. Those who attend talk about their struggles with candidness and humility; we are sincerely seeking different perspectives. There is agreement and disagreement expressed spoken with respect, you listen to find the best path for you and your association. Everyone learns in this environment if you are willing to talk about your management and are curious to hear others’ perspectives on how they see the same issue.

A bonus is the establishment of relationships with individuals who become your brain trust for guidance when you need it during the year.

It is a place to go where you are updated on the issues that associations are grappling with, if they were not already on your radar. I also learned of new technology, social media tools, and other new endeavors that were either successful or not for associations.


Lori A. Ropa, CAE
Executive Director
The Arc: Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties, CO

Each year, Prometheus gives me the opportunity to voice challenges that I might be reluctant to share in other settings. Though I may not know everyone there, each Promethean brings an innate respect for one another, and a commitment to openness, support and confidentiality. It is an irreplaceable experience.


Karen Conlon, CAE
Sequoia Grove Consulting, Inc.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

This retreat offers me the opportunity to creatively connect with my peers. Its format is innovative, vibrant and inspires me like no other CEO program.


Pat Troy, CAE,
Next Wave Group, LLC
This is an incredibly valuable event. For years before I finally made the decision to attend, I considered it, but always had excuses -- too busy, too far, etc. But now, I wouldn't miss it! We all need perspective to do our jobs properly, and Prometheus is great for getting input from colleagues for the real challenges that keep us up at night.


Lori Russell, CAE
Parks and Prairies
The Prometheus Retreat offered more to me professionally and personally than I would have ever expected. I offer you all my utmost thanks. You may not leave a Prometheus Leadership Retreat with all of the answers, but you leave with more insight. This event has succinctly captured and extended that coffee break conversation with your peers that you never wanted to end.