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Real Problems, Real Solutions, Real Life

The Prometheus Leadership Retreat, designed and executed by and for association executives, has lived on for two decades because it provides a personalized, unique and valuable environment to explore weighty questions and challenges that are “real-time” issues for those in attendance. 

Open space format/methodology: The content is your own, or that of your peers, ensuring relevance at the right level.

Retreat Atmosphere: The Retreat offers an unhurried, safe space to explore the complex, multi- layered problems facing association leaders.

At Prometheus Leadership Retreats, participants create and implement the agenda by self- identifying the topics / challenges / big questions to be addressed and by self-selecting the small, self-organized groups used to confront the challenges and surface insightful solutions. In a confidential setting, executives leverage the experience of other seasoned executives to craft customized approaches that uniquely address the issue(s)/challenge(s) at hand. The leadership retreat is designed to create knowledge, renew individual passion, awaken insights and position leaders to return to their organizations with the passion, insight, knowledge and courage they need to propel their organization to new heights.

For the event to be the most meaningful and productive for you, we suggest you contemplate ahead of time what you'd like to explore with your colleagues in this safe environment. Bring with you one, two or three (or more) issues, opportunities or challenges - BIG or small. All conversations take place in complete confidence, without any time pressure, and in a setting where it's purely peer-to- peer exchange where everyone is there to help each other think through questions and challenges raised.

Please note that to insure the confidentiality of our discussions, Prometheus sessions are not recorded.


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